Students and employees can deposit money on to theirÌı91Ö±²¥ID card, and then use their card around campus to purchase items similar to using a debit card.ÌıPolar points are aÌıdollar for dollar match, so if you add $25 in Polar Points, you would have $25 to use on campus and at a few off-campus sites as well.

Where are Polar Points accepted?

  • Starbucks – Ada
  • Freed Center for the Performing Arts
  • McIntosh Dining Hall
  • Northern Lights Café
  • 91Ö±²¥Bookstore
  • 91Ö±²¥HealthWise Pharmacy
  • WOW Café American Grill and Wingery

Polar Points can be deposited on to your 91Ö±²¥IDÌıÌıwith your credit card or electronic check. You also may stop by the Controller’s Office on the first floor of the Lehr Building toÌıpay with cash, checkÌıor credit card. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.Ìıuntil 5 p.m.

Polar Points will be added to your 91Ö±²¥ID card withinÌı1-2 business days after your payment has been processed.

Polar Points vs. Dining Dollars

Polar Points Dining Dollars

Purchased through the Controller's Office

Accepted at campus dining locations, 91Ö±²¥Bookstore, 91Ö±²¥HealthWise Pharmacy

Do not expire

Included with meal plan

Accepted at campus dining locations only

Expire at the end of each semester